Why Choose AdvisorNXT

Why Choose AdvisorNXT

Why choose AdvisorNXT

Our goal is simple.

To help you meet your investment goals. AdvisorNXT is a professionally managed advisory program that utilizes modern portfolio theory to assess investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. We work with our clients to identify an appropriate asset allocation, then tailor a specific smart portfolio to meet their needs.

Smart Portfolios for Investors.

Our smart portfolios are low-cost, customized, diversified and automatically rebalanced. Each portfolio strategy is tailored to fit your specific financial goals, which may be short or long term. By encompassing modern portfolio theory – a unique hybrid approach of seasoned investment professionals and advanced technology, you can invest with confidence.

Managed Account Solutions

Select the level of advice that’s right for you.

By filling out our AdvisorNXT Investor Profile, we are better able to understand your investment goals and help pick the right portfolio for you. Our service levels include dedicated customer support and talking with a financial advisor. It's up to you, the level of service you would like on your account. Just follow the following steps:

  1. Once you complete our questionnaire profile, we will help you select the right level of advise and wealth management service.
  2. Our plans include an Automated-Investing Plan, Advisor Based Management Plan or a a Hybrid of both.
  3. Every portfolio utilizes an auto-responsive model as it is regularly monitored and periodically reinvested to ensure it is in-line with your investment objectives. The idea is keep your overall portfolio on track to meet your lifetime goals.

Get Started Today

Invest with confidence.

Since everyone’s situation is unique, we will advise which account or combination of accounts is best for you based on the responses from your personal questionnaire.

Whether you are saving for retirement or college education for your kids, AdvisorNXT can help you invest with confidence know that your account and portfolio is best suited for your investment goals.

We make the account opening process easy and friendly and we treat every customer as a valued client – not a number.

Let's get to know you

What is your goal for this investment?

Download the App!

Download our app and begin the registration process. Will simplify your investment strategy into one asset managed account. Once you select your portfolio, fund your account via ACH and get started today! Download now.